Frequent night waking (sorry for the long post)

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Frequent night waking (sorry for the long post)

Postby notsosleepyboy » Mon 14 Mar, 2011 8:47 am

Hi, I need some sleep! Our baby wakes a minimum of 4 times between 7:00pm-6:30pm

So heres the background. Our breast-fed 16 week old has always been a terrible sleeper. He's such a bad sleeper that its even hard to give him bad sleep habits because until recently he simply wouldn't sleep! Not with rocking, singing, pram, baths, hates being in our bed (tried out of desperation), he never just drifted off to sleep in someone's arms or in his pram the way most babies do. He hated being put into his bassinet or pram but also hated being in our arms. My health nurse thinks he must have been quite colicky as he cried for hours on end too.The only thing which would stop the crying was holding him in the 'C' position (which my husband read about on Ngala website-thank you for saving our sanity!) But hopefully he seems to have turned a corner with that around the time he hit the magic three month mark. About two months ago I started putting him into his bassinet, rightly or wrongly, even though he'd go crazy, then Id roll him onto his side so I could pat his back. I tried Shushing loudly but he could out-scream me so I discovered playing white noise loudly to be like a 'super-shush'. After about two weeks of not leaving the house and being regimental with the shush and pat at every sleep I could finally get him asleep with minimal crying/sometimes none and within 20 mins. After the all night screaming this was success to us! He made the transition to his cot with little fuss and now doesn't mind being put into his cot. Now getting him to go down for his daytime sleeps only takes maybe 10 mins and no crying. He has even started to sleep for an hour and 40 mins to 2 hours sometimes without me resettling him. If I do need to resettle its usually only a little reassuring pat and he drifts off for an hour. Thats not consistent yet but definitely getting there. Putting him down for night time now takes at least half an hour with lots of screaming. Thinking it might be over tiredness we moved his bed time forward from 7 to 6:30 which works a little better but still not great. The biggest problem however is that he generally then wakes at 1 (which is fine, I assume hes hungry) but often had woken before that at 10-10:30. Then he will usually wake at around 3,4:30,5:30,6:30. Its probably the wrong thing to do but I feed him each time he wakes as Im afraid of him not putting on enough weight. (He had this problem when he was 3-6 weeks after I had mastitis but is much better now). At 6:30 he's usually very awake, smiling etc, so I start his day then by opening the curtains and feeding him. However he does seem to need to go back to bed within the hour at which point he does his best sleep of the day usually between 1.5-2 hours, usually not needing resettling. He feeds 3 hourly during the day but its hard to get him to feed well for his first feed at 6:30 as hes been feeding all night.
His bedtime routine used to be feed-bath-feed but at the suggestion of a lovely lady on the Ngala helpline we cut the last feeding to try breaking the feeding to sleep pattern. It helped in that when I rang the helpline he was waking every 40 mins from 1am onwards and then he stretched to only waking two hourly. Now it looks like hes heading back towards waking every 40 mins again. :?

I know I should probably resettle him instead of feeding but how do I know which times he's genuinely hungry and which times he just wants some boob comfort?! He goes crazy if I try to do the usual roll him on his side and pat to resettle him. He doesn't really use a dummy but should I try give him a dummy to suck on instead? Any suggestions?

Sorry for the long post, Ive just included everything as I feel like Ive trawled the internet and books and tried all the usual tricks. My little boy just fights sleep so hard. I feel like we've come so far with him but now we're stuck. I hate seeing him grumpy from not sleeping. And Im getting too sleep deprived to be able to enjoy his awake time, I feel like a zombie. Thanks for your help...past and future!
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Re: Frequent night waking (sorry for the long post)

Postby dad2two » Thu 14 Apr, 2011 10:22 am

Sorry to say this but I think if you are looking for a Ngala response you would need to join the myngala club.
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Re: Frequent night waking (sorry for the long post)

Postby NgalaOnline » Fri 22 Apr, 2011 5:10 pm

Thank you for posting on the forum. Unfortunately, the only area of the forums that is regularly monitored and responded to by Ngala Helpline staff is the “My Ngala Club Questions and Answers” section. All members of the public are able to read answers in the “My Ngala Club”, but to post in the “My Ngala Club” section and receive an answer from a practitioner within 48 hours, you must become a Ngala Club member. Details on becoming a member can be found in the link below: ... &Itemid=67

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